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MP Allan Ssewanyana arrested

MP Allan Ssewanyana arrested: MP Allan Ssewanyana arrested: Makindye West Member of Parliament, Allan Ssewanyana has been arrested this morning in Makindye which is his constituency.

Police claim that they got him trying to organise people to cause violence at Kyengeza market in Munyonyo.

This Market has been demolished by NEMA and the environment police as they enforce the eviction of encroachers on wetlands.

Police says the Makindye East Member of Parliament, Allan Ssewanyana was inciting violence. So we had to arrest him.

He was arrested at a demolished Kyengeza, Munyonyo market in Makindye Division, Kampala.

MP Allan Ssewanyana arrested
Hon Allan Ssewanyana

The MP had visited the scene to assess the losses suffered by vendors.

“Don’t sit back as police demolishes your structures. Moreover they are doing this yet we leaders are not informed,” Ssewanyana said before his arrest.

The vendors said they had been paying for space between Shs1 million and Shs 2 million to some local leaders.

NEMA has been warning people to leave wetlands. The executive director of NEMA said we gave people warning and enough time to leave.

The eviction is part of the ongoing operation to clear wetlands of encroachment.

While this is okay, some people are wondering why NEMA is doing this during this difficult time. People have are not working, they have no money to relocate. Wouldn’t this wait and they do it some time later? one resident wondered.

To be on NEMA’s side. The people who are claiming that they don’t have money, this is a market. They have been working, how can you claim that you don’t have money.

Other people are supporting NEMA saying that people have been warned but they don’t listen. They just politicize every thing even the things that are helping them. Because the wetlands help every one not only us, said the enforcement officer who headed the operation.

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