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NRA Bush War hero is dead

NRA Bush War hero is dead: NRA Bush War hero is dead: The football fraternity has got the sad news of the passing on of Brigadier General Jackson Tushabe Bell.

NRA Bush War hero Bell’s Death

Bell has been fighting illness for a long time. He was an NRM bush war hero who fought for this country’s freedom.

Tushabe was feared in the Bush but disciplined and always followed orders from his commander.

NRA Bush War hero is dead
Brigadier General Bell

Brigadier General Jackson Tushabe Bell was the owner of Victors fc. The football fraternity got shocked and confused when they had the news of his death.

He loved foot ball and supported it. He funded Victors fc with his money.

Bell treated players like his own sons. He will be missed by his family and of course by the foot ball fraternity.

Those who played for him say. He liked them, fed them, housed them and paid them well.

Brigadier Jackson ‘Bell’ Tushabe, his former club Victors fc is now defunct.

The retired army officer breathed his last on Tuesday morning at Nakasero Hospital.

Bell as famously known among the football fraternity. Served football in different capacities including the position of Vice President in charge of competitions. This was during Lawrence Mulindwa’s first reign in office as Fufa president.

Under his reign with Victors, they won the Uganda Cup. They also played in the Caf Confederation Cup and the club was doing well.

Victors was home for big name players. These included Hassan Mubiru, Ochan, Ali Kimera, Daniel Sserunkuma, Isaac Katwere and Karim Ndugwa etc.

Brigadier General Bell’s Profile

RO/00079 Lt Col Jackson Bell

Bell has been on Kateebe (not deployed) since 1990s. Tushabe joined the NRA in 1982. He had retreated into fishing in Gaba and foot ball management. And has been staying in his posh residence in Gaba Makindye division.

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