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Secrets why Tamale Mirundi’s son has joined Bobi Wine

Secrets why Tamale Mirundi’s son has joined Bobi Wine: Secrets why Tamale Mirundi’s son has joined Bobi Wine: Yesterday people power unveiled it’s secretariat and new members. Among them was Tamale Mirundi’s son, vision group’s Innocent Tegusulwa and others.

Tamale Mirundi was the presidential press secretary for some years until when his services were stopped. Mirundi has supported the president even after leaving state house. But he has always maintained that he doesn’t support other people in government.

Secrets why Tamale Mirundi’s son has joined Bobi Wine

Mirundi has always been using media to talk to his following on issues in the country. While on radio he has been attacking what he calls mafia in the government who are ever taking government money and causing misery to others.

Recently he was stopped from going to these media houses a decision he say was orchestrated by the mafias.

Secrets why his son joined Bobi Wine

Tamale Mirundi says that his sons are old enough to make their decisions. So for them to go to parliament they can join any party they want.

Another reason is that Tamale Mirundi senior feels he has been betrayed by his bosses. He feels it is time to let things go. There is no reason to tell his children to stick with government people who don’t appreciate.

Mirundi does not trust NRM bosses from the secretary general to the head of the NRM electoral commission. He can not sweat talk his children to join a group he doesn’t trust.

Tamale’s son also feels that with People Power he will reach his destiny.

They were welcomed and unveiled by Bobi Wine, Chairman Nyanzi and leader of the women wing Flavia Kalule.

While unveiling Chairman Nyanzi said People Power is for everyone and that there are no restrictions to any Ugandan.

For Hon Kyagulanyi, unlike his father. Tamale Junior doesn’t believe in only words but he also believes in fundamental change. Being son to notable media personality who strongly supports President Museveni does not stop him from believing in change. Bobi Wine said of Tamale Junior.

Other members that were unveiled included. Nabagesera Shakira, Nambi Shamim, Senkungu Brian, Namulindwa Immy, Nakakanda Fatuma, Mugwanya and Rogers Kayima.

New Secretariats unveiled

Aisha Kabanda (Deputy executive secretary in charge of finance and fundraising)
Mary Selumaga (Head of policy and manifesto)
Katana Benjamin (Legal team)
Shamim Malende (Deputy head of legal)
Anthony Wamala (Head on international and diaspora affairs)
Waiswa Mufumbilo (Head of patriotism)
Joel Muyende (Special interest groups in charge of professionals)
Ssasi Marvin (Diaspora liaison officer)

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