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Why the scientific elections favors Bobi Wine to win the presidential race

Why the scientific elections favors Bobi Wine to win the presidential race: Why the scientific elections favors Bobi Wine to win the presidential race: As the country’s next general elections nears. People are coming up to show their interests in the hotly contested number one seat in the country.

Now we have the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, Hon Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine, Charles Rwomushana. Others who have confirmed are Joseph Kabuleta and Brigadier General Henry Tumukunde.

Why the scientific elections favors Bobi Wine to win the presidential race
Hon Kyagulanyi

Others are Kyalya who contested even in the last presidential race. Doctor Kiiza Besigye, Mugisha Muntu and others.

There are news that even Mugisha Muntu and Nobert Mao are likely to come and contest.

However the incumbent president Museveni is still the main person with a lot of support in the country. He has ruled the country for over 35 years. He is still expected to head the country when he wins again.

Hon. Kyagulanyi however, is coming out stronger as well. Him and his supporters have assured them selves that they can win the next presidential elections.

Why the scientific elections favors Bobi Wine to win the presidential race

Kyagulanyi has enjoyed support in all the by-elections wherever he has gone to support his friends. They have won most of them. This assures him that the support is there.

Kyagulanyi has just had another online live show where he got over 100,000 views. This was the second in just a few days after the first one which was as well a success. The fans who watched were from both here and outside Uganda. This is another sign of support by the fans to Hon Kyagulanyi who many believe will vote for him.

Actually this show has given Kyagulanyi people assurance that scientific elections favors him because most of these fans are voters

Looking at the public most of the people with smart phones. And those who can access the internet or the dot com group could be for Kyagulanyi as well. These are either from universities and other higher institutions and probably might want to see change.

It should be noted that today even the secondary students have smart phones and Kyagulanyi is their darling.

The impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus lockdown and the subsequent containment measures which made the EC to favor scientific elections. Might as well have worked for Kyagulanyi indirectly. The sufferings people have gone through might have pushed many to Kyagulanyi with a hope for a change.

The COVID-19 containment measures have led to misery. Schools have closed, business people have lost, there is pressure on public health and other things. All those affected might look at Kwagulanyi as a savior.

There is a claim that some people in government are gaining from COVID-19. While this of course is a rumor, the fact that government has not come out to refute it. To the local people it remains true that people are gaining at their expense.

People have been arrested as they try to look for what to eat. Another rumor is that police officers and LDUs have been extracting money from people in this situation. All this could be un-intended opportunity to Hon Kyagulanyi.

Never undermine president Museveni’s support

But of course the numbers and excitement does not often make one win. President Museveni having led this country for all that time. No body knows the game better than him. His support is always there. That is why today we have the NRM silent majority. They may be silent but many.

We wait to see how this will go.

We shall keep you posted.

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