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Top 10 best secondary schools in Uganda

Top 10 best secondary schools in Uganda: Top 10 best secondary schools in Uganda: This list contains schools which have consistently been performing well in Uganda. These have students performing well over the years. They have good facilities, good study environment, teaching is good and discipline is key in such schools. Serious parents always look at such schools for their children.

Some of what you call traditional schools are not appearing because of inconsistency in performance.

Top 10 best secondary schools in Uganda

Here is the list;

10. Makerere College School

This is a co-educational government school O and A Level school founded in 1945 by Makerere University.

Makerere College school currently has over ‎2,000 students and it always having big numbers of students. But despite the big numbers, the schools always perform well.

Be known by Works and only good works” is their moto. It is ever among the best schools in the country. It occupies our number 10 position.

09. Ntale School

Top 10 best secondary schools in Uganda
Ntale school

The School is a residential all-boys’ secondary school located in Mbarara District. One of the old schools in Uganda which started in 1956.

The performance of its students has always been good. There are a number of big people who went through this School. It continues to perform well and arguably the best school in western Uganda.

08. Namilyango College

This is a boys boarding school located in Mukono District in the Central Region of Uganda.

Namilyango College has always been on top for many years in Mukono and the whole country as well. They take our 8th position on the list of the best secondary schools in Uganda.

It is under the church as well as a government school.

Others on the list

07. Kibuli secondary school

Kibuli S.S.S as it is known is a Muslim secondary school. It is a boarding school with both boys and girls.

It also has over 2000 students and has always been performing well. Kibuli occupies the 7th position of the best performing schools in Uganda.

06. Seeta High School Mukono

Seeta High School opened its gates to the world in 2000. Although it has not been here for long, it has made its mark.

It occupies the 6th position because it is always performing well every year. This gives it a good position among those which have been there for many years.

05. Gayaza High School

Gayaza High School is the oldest all-girls boarding secondary school in Uganda.

First of all it is a Church school. Then secondly it is government-aided.

Gayaza High School is ever in the news for good reasons in regard to performance. Gayaza High students are known to be with good discipline yet high performers.

04. St. Mary’s secondary school Kitende

St Mary’s secondary school Kitende is one of the leading high schools in Uganda.

It has big numbers of students with two campuses. The school has a good environment for education, no wonder their performance is one of the best.

Besides academics, the school has made its name in sports in this country. It has the best football stadium in this country and of course the school football team performs really well.

The best three in the country

03. Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga

Mt. St. Mary’s Namagunga is a girls’ boarding school for O and A levels. It was founded in 1942 by Mother Kevina of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa.

Namagunga has maintained its performance both in academics, discipline and producing some of the country’s cream.

It is not surprising that it is occupying the third position on our list.

02. Kings College Budo

Founded in March 1906, King’s College Budo, is In Wakiso district. Is one of the most prestigious schools in this country.

It is not easy to be a top class school year in year out. And surprisingly performing like Budo does. What a school Kings College Budo is?

Its not surprising that it occupies the 2nd position on our list of the best performing schools in Uganda.

01. Uganda Martyr’s Namugongo

Uganda Martyrs’ Secondary School Namugongo is a private secondary school in Uganda. The school is in Kira Sub-County, Wakiso District, Uganda.

This school is the best secondary in Uganda. It excels every year in the national exams.

The school maintains its culture of academic excellence and producing God fearing students.

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