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Jose Chameleon will defeat Erias Lukwago – Nobert Mao

Jose Chameleon will defeat Erias Lukwago – Nobert Mao: Jose Chameleon will defeat Erias Lukwago – Nobert Mao: DP president Mr. Nobert Mao is confidently convincing Jose Chameleon that he can defeat Lukwago. Mao sing praise to Chameleon that he has huge support enough for him to win.

Erias Lukwago has disagreements with Mao and he is mainly close to FDC of Patrick Amuriat. Lukwago is specifically so close to Dr. Kiiza Besigye a former president of the FDC party.

Jose Chameleon will defeat Erias Lukwago – Nobert Mao

Erias Lukwago is the current lord mayor for Kampala and has always won with big numbers. Lukwago has never lost in any campaign, so Chameleon should come knowing that.

Jose Chameleon will defeat Erias Lukwago - Nobert Mao
Nobert Mao

Mr. Mao also highlights that even though Chameleon joined People Power he is still a DP member.

People Power is just a pressure group but not a party, according to Mao. So any one can be there but with a definite party where they belong.

Jose Chameleon’s Journey to Politics

First of all, Chameleon got inspiration from his friend/former music nemesis Bobi Wine. Bobie who is Hon Kyagulanyi is now a member of parliament but now wants to contest to be president.

Secondly Chameleon has always been controversial even in his music carrier. He is unpredictable, you will never now what he is capable of doing next.

But he is joining a political game which is different from music and he is yet to test the huddles.

So Chameleon has to up his game if he is to get the fruits that Bobi Wine is getting. He is a DP member and Mao made him National mobilizer a position he is not doing work for.

Surprisingly the Electoral Commission is moving ahead with the issue of scientific elections. Chameleon and his supporters expect to move around town to look for votes.

He needs to under stand the dynamics of the game.

Lastly Erias Lukwago is not the only person vying for this position, other people are also coming.

Hon Nagayi Nabiila is also showing interest in the same position of lord mayor.

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