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Balaam Barugahara – What you didn’t know about his faith

Balaam Barugahara – What you didn’t know about his faith: Balaam Barugahara – What you didn’t know about his faith: Many people might have a different view of the Radio4 boss, Balaam Barugahara but this doesn’t take away his spiritual side.

Usually many Ugandan ask themselves a lot of questions in line with Balaam’s spiritual side.

He is commonly seen in an orange t-shirt which keeps many curious and suspicious on President man’s faith.

After this post every one has a smile.

Balaam Barugahara – What you din’t know about his side

Balaam is President Museveni’s manager musically, and one, motormouth Tamale Mirundi loves to link to the mafia squeezing Uganda.

However the events guru could not hide his display of his faith.

On Friday, Balaam shared an image of Pope Francis, visiting the body of a priest who died 50 years ago but has not decomposed yet.

Pope Francis Paying respect to the body of St Padre Pio uncorruptible body return to Vatican still undecomposable Christianity is a reality .

St Padre Pio died over 50 years Many decades ago. Many Christians around the world post prayer for healing through the intercession, Mama Mary and Jesus Christ.” He posted.

Padre Pio is saint of modern times and Balaam who some people didn’t know has awe for godly things.

Surprised many when he shared his admiration for saintliness and godliness.

A one Kibirige Henry wondered when Balaam become religious. In one of the 150 comments on the thread.

Kibirige wrote in Luganda, “Balam wafuuka munadiini kati.”

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