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Winnie Kizza to Join EALA-Museveni Surprisingly Endorses Her

Winnie Kizza to Join EALA-Museveni Surprisingly Endorses Her: Winnie Kizza to Join EALA-Museveni Surprisingly Endorses Her: President Museveni has spoken to some people basically his power brokers/moles within the opposition and privately given his views about Winnie Kiiza’s decision not to seek reelection in Kasese.

He is happy Winnie Kiiza has finally eased out of Kasese politics and he is ready to participate in enabling her to eat her cake. Says a knowledgeable source.

Winnie Kizza to Join EALA-Museveni Surprisingly Endorses Her
Winnie Kizza to Join EALA-Museveni Surprisingly Endorses Her
Winnie Kizza

The source explains that Gen Museveni has offered to support or at minimum not fight Winnie Kiiza should she offer herself to run for EALA MP slot after the 2021 general elections on the ticket of ANT. “He will not fight her and will direct NRM MPs to elect her as a friendly independent just like he has twice done for Susan Nakawuki.

That way you eat your cake and keep it at the same time because being EALA MP gives you an excuse to be invisible in the local political confrontations between NRM and opposition.

You earn very good money for another 10 years which actually is much more than what you earn by being MP in the Ugandan parliament. Yet at the same time your voters won’t see you as a traitor,” the source adds.

M7 with opposition to EALA

To recall Gen Museveni has twice opposition politicians he considers not hostile to him for jobs in EALA.

Besides Nakawuki, Mukasa Mbidde of DP and UPC’s ailing Chris Opoka have twice been making it to EALA. Their parties had the numeric strength in Parliament but simply because Gen Museveni acquiesced to their victory.

While justifying Mukasa Mbidde’s reelection to Arusha where each MP earns Shs50m per month.

Gen Museveni famously told his NRM adherents to accept him because “he is a good DP.”

Dependable State House sources say that in the alternative, in case EALA doesn’t prove good enough,

Gen Museveni is being lobbied to consider making Kiiza an ex-officio Minister just like Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng of health.

He considers her to be someone she can do business with in the post-2021 era. She isn’t very belligerent towards him when compared to radicals like Semujju Nganda or even Ingrid Turinawe.

Also there is a possibility HE can permit Her to become CEO for any of the most lucrative state parastatals.  

She has played her cards very wisely because by opting out of the Kasese race,

Kiiza has shielded herself against FDC militants in Kasese who were waiting to humiliate her in the ballot box.”

Chances of Hon Katuntu

In a related development, sources say that equally eligible for an EALA gig is long-serving Bugweri County MP Abdul Katuntu. Sources say that Katuntu, who has famously been contradicting militants.

Dr. Kizza Besigye ostensibly for the benefit of Gen Museveni.

Initially expected to be appointed Deputy Attorney General replacing Mwesigwa Rukutana. Lastly President disappointed him by giving the same to Jackson Kafuzi (an earlier defector from FDC).

There were also efforts to get him a judiciary job, something to which the JSC objected.

And then came the anticipation that the man from Bugweri can potentially replace Irene Mulyagonja as the IGG for Uganda.

That is still a possibility Katuntu who has the active support of Kadaga who initially objected to the Kafuzi appointment.

Reliable sources say even if he loses in Bugweri, there is extreme hope.

Gen Museveni will at the prompting of Kadaga still find something for him and EALA remains a very big possibility.

Given his seniority and potential to earn very good money there.

Gen Museveni, always dismisses Katuntu and calls him a very poisonous mushroom while urging Bugweri voters not to elect him.

He is renown for giving repentant foes which Katuntu has largely been perceiving.

Big Hurdle Standing in Her way

As for Winnie Kiiza, the only big hurdle standing in her way is her husbands scuffle with HE.

The fact that Gen Museveni has extreme resentment for her husband Yokasi Bihande.

He hates NRM to the extent of considering fighting it using arms to protest it’s perceived ill towards the Rwenzururu cultural institution and historical grievances of the people in that sub region.

In his youth, Bihande an active hater of President Museveni and his NRM party. HE knows all the militant plans he once harbored against the NRM.

This is the only reservation there can be about Winnie Kiiza who is the wife to the same Bihande,

Who has never repented his sins to the HE.

Gen Museveni can potentially have about acquiescing to Winnie Kiiza’s eating things at EALA.

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