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Dr.T.Amale says – Bizonto planned their arrest.

Dr.T.Amale says – Bizonto planned their arrest.: Dr.T.Amale says – Bizonto planned their arrest: On Friday July 24 Police arrested Bizonto comedy group over publishing a sectarian video dividing Ugandans on tribal basis.

The group started last year and it is headed by Omulangira Dausi, who also works with them at Radio Simba.

Dr.T.Amale has it that this arrest could be a plan to get money. The group comprised five members before T.Amale left.

Dr.T.Amale says – Bizonto planned their arrest.

They are so wise, they can plan that according to him those who want money. Where can they get it from.

Dr.T.Amale says, they designed the recording to attract the attention of the state.This would easily make them meet those who have money.

Ssabazonto and Kidomole are so wise, they know what they do.

Politicians are wise, they know how to make money. They can fight them selves yet they are planning something else.

He further praised Museveni that he is the best. East west Museveni is the best, people should know where to go.

In his facebook video, he says it was a stunt to get publicity. They are going to get money and cars.

It should be noted that Bizonto were arrested yesterday at Radio Simba by security operatives. But me I knew they would arrest them, so I left Dr.T.Amale noted.

Dr.T.Amale says - Bizonto planned their arrest.
Dr. T. Amale
What people said

However other artists have come out to support Bizonto. Other are mockers, one group from Busoga are claiming that Bizonto should be open, all people in the video are basoga.

That it is only the chapati makers who are Banyankole.

Another group also said the Bizonto lied all the positions they mentioned are occupied by different tribes. These groups say, you arrest one zonto other Bizonto will come out. Meaning that they will come out to support their friends.

Daniel Lutaaya journalist say he had watched the comedian’s video however he didnt notice the alleged tribalism.

Police has warned individuals and groups, that it shall not hesitate to take action against errant people. They are not good in the entertainment industry because they can cause grave threats to country’s security and stability.

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