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Richest Musicians in Uganda 2020 list updated

Richest Musicians in Uganda 2020 updated: Richest Musicians in Uganda 2020 updated:

For an artist to be on this list they must be rich, they must be having money. They have good management. Some of them like number one has never got money from promoters and fails to appear.

For one to be rich you must have discipline for rich people. These artists are hardworking, some of them are professional and know how to save and invest.

01. Bobi Wine

The Ghetto Gladiator is the richest musician in Uganda. He has made money from music, he has good management.

Bobi Wine is one of the few big artists in Uganda known for professionalism. He doesn’t get money from promoters and refuse to perform.

So Bobi Wine is living large. Here are some of his properties;

Kyagulanyi owns Fire Base Records. He owns a lavish house in magere. Also he has a big farm in Gomba his ancestral place.

Bobi owns a number of expensive cars which include an Escalade, a Range Rover and a Land cruiser.

But Kyagulanyi also owns land and houses, rentals in Kampala, Wandegeya and Kamwokya.

The Ghetto Gladiator is one of the few artists who own beaches “One love beach” at Busabala. Of course not forgetting his Boat.

Richest Musicians in Uganda 2020 updated

2. Jose Chameleone

Though controversial, Jose Chameleone is rich. He has made his money through music and talent.

Chameleone owns a number of things like a posh flat in Seguku. owns expensive vehicles like an Escalade, a BMW, a range Rover and a Toyota Landcruiser V8.

And Chameleone has apartments, different plots of land and other houses.

Also he owns Leone Island studios and other small rentals in Kawempe.

3. Bebe Cool

Richest Musicians in Uganda 2020 updated
Bebe Cool

Moses Ssali which are his real names is one of the richest musicians in Uganda. He is respected and has talent.

First of all the star owns a number of properties in Kampala and Kiwatule. He also owns a full set sound system (PA) inclusive of a band and lighting system.

Secondly he owns expensive vehicles which include a Hummer and other vehicles.

There are other private businesses Cool has though he does not disclose them.

He is the president of the Gagamel entertainment and he is in a number of charity works. Because of these investments Bebe Cool the third richest artist in Uganda.

4. Ragga Dee. 

The boss Ragga Dee has money. He has made it, he has a number of businesses which are also making for him more money.

He drives a hummer, and owns properties in and around Kampala and a posh mansion in Makindye. Surprisingly he also has a beach on Busabala road and deals in the importation of cars.

Others on the list

5. Mesach Semakula

Semakula owns Kann studio and he is one of the directors of Eagles Production.

Mesach has several plots of land and apartments in Luweero, Kisenyi, Lubowa, Zana, Buziga and Buwaate. Because of these investments, Mesach is on this list.

6. Ronald Mayinja 

Another founding member of the Eagles production. Firstly, Mayinja owns Roma Hotel, has land and other houses and apartment in Buziga and Lukuli.

Thirdly, Ronald Mayinja also owns Roma Hardware in Kireka and several plots of land.

On top of other expensive vehicles he has, Mayinja also owns trucks for hire which transport goods.

7. Geoffrey Lutaaya

Yet another Eagles Production founding director, Lutaaya is one of the richest musicians in Uganda.

Because Lutaaya knows how to invest, he owns many businesses and a chain of properties mostly in Kampala. Among these is Durban Motel, another Hotel on Busabala road, Dance Flo Bar and Club and other plots

But he also owns expensive vehicles with his wife who is also a musician.

The list continues

8. Haruna Mubiru

The CEO of Kream production, Haruna is another rich Ugandan musician. On top of getting money from music he has one of the busiest restaurants in Makindye.

Mubiru has several properties which include a flat in Kabowa and rentals in other parts of Kampala.

But he is also having many expensive cars.

9. Eddy Kenzo. 

Kenzo today is one of the most popular artists in Uganda. Also he has his money which he has got mainly from music, endorsements and other deals.

Secondly, Eddie owns a mansion in Seguku and other properties.

Surprisingly he also drives a Range Rover sport and other expensive cars.

So he is rich just like those above him.

10. Zanie Brown

Zanie  Uganda’s hip-hop and hip life queen. Surprisingly she is one of the best rated Female Artist in Uganda rocking the airways. Zanie Brown has featured  and collaborated with lots of  other musicians  in Uganda and Africa at large.

Zanie  is one of the richest female musicians in Uganda right now. Sitting on number 10 top Richest Artist In Uganda 2020.  Her name is synonymous with her beauty. The latest estimate of her wealth is valued at $64 Million.

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