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Pallaso hospitalized – We reveal what really happened

Pallaso hospitalized – We reveal what really happened: Pallaso hospitalized – We reveal what really happened:

News have been all over different medias about how singer Pallaso fled with handcuffs as police was arresting him.

It’s true the artist had a bloody scuffle with police but not all what you have seen is all right.

Pallaso hospitalized - We reveal what really happened

Right now the singer is in pain and at hospital receiving treatment after sustaining injuries in the scuffle.

Pallaso hospitalized – We reveal what really happened

Police claims that they don’t know were he is. That they are looking for him to arrest him, to answer a number of cases.

To Pallaso, “if they want me let them come to the hospital here, am not hiding”

In his first facebook video Pallaso says it is police who are wrong going to his place at night.

Here we reveal what happened.

According to Pallaso, i was at home with my manager Kama Ivan discussing our upcoming video.

Yes there were other people at home but they were not many like police says.

He further says when police came in they didnot explain to him what they want. Then one officer came with handcuffs to arrest me and i run away to the neighborhood.

Facebook posts by Pallaso

Uganda Police, we are all Ugandans and we are all affected by this Pandemic differently. Using excessive force and shooting bullets at unarmed fellow brothers and sisters is making me lose all hope. Enough is enough. More videos coming, read his first post.

Anyways it’s okay for you to do what you wish, Officer Mutume, may the good Lord be with you. This so sad, the Police is supposed to serve and protect, but its now either way. I don’t know what to in the morning because I dislike struggling with legal issues,” he added.

What police says

Police says it was responding to complaints by Pallaso’s neighbors about the continuous noise from his home.

According to police there operation was not personal but peaceful. The neighbors were complaining about the noise and interference throughout the night.

But Pallaso says what Police says just surprises him because it is not true, that is not it.

The King of the east is now wanted after arresting his brother Kasozi who was part of the gang.

“We are looking for him” said Luke Oweyesigire.

Firstly this is not the first time he is disrespecting security.

Secondly, this time we shall charge him with three cases of assaulting the Police and obstructing Police.

Lastly he is illegally possessing Police handcuffs, this is police property.

We shall keep you posted.

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