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Bitter facts why Museveni is likely to win 2021

Bitter facts why Museveni is likely to win 2021: Bitter facts why Museveni is likely to win 2021: As the election fever begin to rise. Many politicians are looking at ways how they can win.

Even the highly contested presidential race it is the same case. President Museveni is to tussle it out mainly with Kyagulanyi of People Power.

And many people believe that the winner will come from these two.

However, many others are showing interest in big offices. They include Norbert Mao, Mugisha Muntu, Joseph Kabuleta and others.

Reports are saying that Bobi Wine is gaining more popularity among the youth.

President Museveni is always enjoying support from silent majority.

This group knows how to support their candidate. They talk less but show up on the day of voting. The majority live in villages and never went to school.

Bitter facts why Museveni is likely to win 2021
Bitter facts why Museveni is likely to win 2021
president Museveni and Bobi Wine

In fact the reason why People Power is fronting may not appeal to the silent majority. Because the silent majority they don’t even know what is happening in the country.

When Hon Kyagulanyi talks of poor economy these people are not aware of these things. For them as long as there is security the rest doesn’t matter.

Why Museveni has an edge over Kyagulanyi

Firstly, Museveni has the silent majority who are always supporting him.

Secondly, Museveni has maintained security in this country which many people value a lot.

Thirdly, the business community doesn’t trust Bobi Wine therefore they rather stay with Museveni.

Fourthly Ugandans are doing some work here and there and they wouldn’t want uncertainties in their businesses.

Here they rather stay with Museveni.

Above all Museveni has put up supportive programs which are benefiting some Ugandans. Bona Baggagawale, Youths livelihood, Skilling Uganda and others.

Lastly, experience matters the president knows how to win.

In conclusion, we note that Bobi Wine has support but President Museveni has more supporters. Those are bitter facts.

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