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Bobi Wine spits fire on NUP’s 2nd Hero’s day

Bobi Wine spits fire on NUP’s 2nd Hero’s day: Bobi Wine spits fire on NUP’s 2nd Hero’s day:

Today 13th-Aug-2020 NUP celebrates it’s second National heroes day. Candle lighting was the order of the day to commemorate the fallen Ugandans.

The event started this morning at NUP headquarters in Kamwokya. The event has been well attended by NUP delegates from different parts of the country. Among the NUP dignitaries who attended are Hon Zaake and Hon Kyagulanyi who is their party president.

Others, is Shamim Malende who is becoming a strong vocal woman in NUP. A number of Musicians, Comedians and Media Personalities also blessed the event

Bobi Wine spits fire on NUP’s 2nd Hero’s day
Bobi Wine spits fire on NUP's 2nd Hero's day
Delegates at NUP’s 2nd heroes celebration in Kamwokya

This day is to be officially celebrated according to Hon. Kyagulanyi. On this day people power remembers the lives of those who past on in the course of fighting for struggle.

Among these is Bobi Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma who was shot in Arua. Kyagulanyi says he is alive because of Yasin who stood to die for him. Others are Ritah Nabukenya, Hakim Ssekamwa, Dan Kyeyune among others who died in a reckless manner.

Secondly, are those heroes who go missing up to now we do not know whether they are alive. Especially John Bosco Kibalama.

Thirdly, other heroes have refused to die and are still in the struggle. And these include Hon Francis Zaake, Atiku Shaban and Asera Night. On the same note Hon Nambooze was also recognized as one who started the struggle.

Lastly, the police is attributed to the lives of these people, Kyagulanyi says. But up to now it has never published a clear report about their death and torture.

Online attendance

Surprisingly, social media pages were stormed by live follow ups before even the event started. Interestingly, many Ugandans in Diaspora have also been live on the event.

Relatedly, even other NUP supporters from other parts of the country were live on the event. Among these is Koboko, Bushenyi, Ntungamo district and others.

Amazingly, DP bloc members also blessed the function. And these include Moses Kasibante, Ssewanyana, Jose Chameleon, Nambooze and others.

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