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Schools likely to reopen – Here is why?

Schools likely to reopen – Here is why?: Schools likely to reopen – Here is why?:

It is now coming to five months since schools were closed by president due to COVID-19. The closure is causing untold misery to the teachers and other workers in schools. While the president has been lifting other sectors to reopen schools remained closed.

In his last address to the nation the president kept referring to recommendations of the task force for schools to reopen. However up to now it seems they have not yet recommended to him that institutions should reopen.

In a twist of events the ministries for education and health yesterday submitted their reports on COVID-19 prevention compliance to the president. Meaning that it is now the president to make the final decision to this.

Schools likely to reopen – Here is why?
Schools likely to reopen - Here is why?
Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo

According to Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, the State Minister for higher Education says they are now waiting for a final word from CiC.

”We are waiting for the president. He is the one who announced the closure. We have provided him all the information. He is waiting to get verification from the ministry of health. As long as he gets all the information, he will tell us the next step to take, Muyingo confirms.

During a weekly press briefing on Wednesday, Uganda People’s Congress UPC party raised concerns about girl child. And these are the rising number of teenage pregnancies, sexual abuse and child marriages among school girls due to COVID-19.

Ms Sharon Arach Oyat, the UPC party spokesperson, urged the government to priorities protection of girls by introducing home inspection.

Schools and other institutions were among the places shut in March to contain the prevalence of the pandemic. But as the Ministry holds hope for reopening of schools, the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing in Uganda.

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