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Ruth Nankabirwa’s audio against speaker Kadaga shockingly leaks

Ruth Nankabirwa’s audio against speaker Kadaga shockingly leaks: Ruth Nankabirwa’s audio against speaker Kadaga shockingly leaks:

Rumours going around pining Ruth Nankabirwa to be against speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Many people have been putting on her that she is among the NRM heavy weight de-campaigning Kadaga. People have been fronting a number of reasons following the ongoing saga.

The two powerful ladies sit on the CEC but their relationship has not been good for sometime.

Ruth Nankabirwa’s audio against speaker Kadaga shockingly leaks
Ruth Nankabirwa's audio against speaker Kadaga shockingly leaks
From L-R Nankabirwa, Kadaga and Museveni

First of all reports say that president Museveni wanted a law to be tabled in parliament. This makes NRM district and sub-county chairpersons to become ex-official members. This means they would be getting allowances and monthly remunerations. This was to make them happy and uplift their morale.

But for this to work president needed parliament to pass a law for it. In the audio that is on socials alleges that the president tasked Nankabirwa the GCW was to ensure that Kadaga buys the idea. This meant that she had to table it in parliament.

Surprisingly, speaker Kadaga did not give it the support it needed. Nankabirwa alleges that the speaker gave her a cold response and she reported this to the president.

According to Nankabirwa, the speaker ordered her to get out of her office. And reminding her that she is the speaker of the parliament of Uganda not for NRM. This angered the president who ordered prime minister Rugunda to help Nankabirwa convince the speaker. However the speaker still refused.

Sources say that Nankabirwa requested the president to intervene himself, Which he did. Nankabirwa later made a follow up with Kadaga but all in vine.

Nankabirwa reads between the lines.

So Nankabirwa thought that Kadaga calculatively wants to deliberately portray her to HE as incapable of doing his work. And as such the two powerful ladies have treated each other with an ease.

So Nankabirwa now sees the Namuganza bid to challenge Kadaga for the CEC position has an opportunity to politically cripple her. And the idea is to demoralize Kadaga by having Namuganza to humiliate her.

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