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Minister Rukutuna will be prosecuted, says Museveni

Minister Rukutuna will be prosecuted, says Museveni: Minister Rukutuna will be prosecuted, says Museveni:

President Museveni has for the first time put up a comment about the conduct of State Minister for Labour and Industrial Development Mwesigwa Rukutana during the NRM primaries on Friday.

Following his defeat to Naome Kabasharira, Rukutana turned chaotic and violent to his opponent. And in the scuffle, he grabbed a gun from one of his bodyguards and shot and one person got injured. However he was rushed to hospital in critical condition whereas one vehicle was also destroyed.

The minister was on Saturday put behind bars together with his three bodyguards. Currently they are under detation at Mbarara Central Police Station and according to police the quartet faces charges related to inciting violence, attempted murder and malicious damage.

However, in his latest missive, Museveni, who is also the NRM national chairman says that Rukutana must answer charges related to the violence he orchestrated after losing the election.

Minister Rukutuna will be prosecuted, says Museveni
Minister Rukutuna will be prosecuted, says Museveni

“The Minister Rukutana is in jail and will be prosecuted,”Museveni confirms.

Speaking in general about all forms of chaos exhibited during the party’s election to pick flagbearers in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Museveni continues, those who orchestrated the same will face the wrath of the law.

“Those who beat people, like in Bukono, are all in jail or on the run. They will be fully accountable with robust charges; assault, attempted murder, murder etc. Those who altered results, will go to jail on forgery, fraud, subversion etc. And their forgeries will not stand,” he says.

Lining up was a success
Minister Rukutuna will be prosecuted, says Museveni
Voters lining up

The ruling NRM party lining up behind candidates for the first time was successful, he says. Since its adoption by the party’s top organs early this year.

Whereas many including candidates who lost and election observers are arguing that lining up during the just concluded NRM primaries compromised the vote. Adding that the exercise ignored principles of a free and fair election. However Museveni says the system was a success.

Museveni in his explanation says that problems of voter bribery started with the Electoral College system of voting prompting them to go for universal suffrage. But with the secret ballot which he says was neither helping the situation.

Still, the problems of cheating persisted because whatever precautions we took, they depended on human vigilance. Which was not always assured to fullest. That is why, recently, at the Chobe CEC Conference, we decided to go for lining up. You have seen how it has succeeded,”Museveni said.

“It is transparent for everybody to see during daylight.”

But he insists that with lining up behind candidates, alteration of results had been exhibited during the secret ballot. But now this will be a story of the past in the party’s primaries.

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