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Reasons why Arsenal could be title contenders

Reasons why Arsenal could be title contenders: Reasons why Arsenal could be title contenders:

Before you all get me in a straight-jacket, and ship me off to the asylum, let me explain my reasoning.

I should state, that whilst I could see Arsenal doing something special this season, it is not my expectation. I am realistic. Liverpool, and City are so strong, and although I have not been overly impressed with Lampard thus far, Chelsea have gone nuts in the transfer window. In my opinion, that will probably be the top three. For a lot of clubs, a lot will be determined on how they do in the transfer window. There’s still plenty of time for things to change.

Now to explain my crazy reasoning. If Arsenal can get one or two more quality signings in, then their squad will be complete. They are very short in central midfield on numbers, and I would still prefer to see Bellerin replaced as well. If Arteta can do that, then what a great chance of achieving something.


As we’re all aware, the current regime has chopped and changed a lot in just two years. They also inherited an absolute nightmare, but are performing well given the circumstances. They didn’t back Emery in regards to transfers, but have changed their tune with Arteta. Which is what every club needs. You cannot have a manager and the board pulling in different directions, and expect a smooth ride. It seems the board are starting to stabilize, which is good! They are, and have been, trying to ditch the deadwood, and overall, have done well in the transfer market. One or two more signings this window will really help Arteta out.


It’s still fairly early days, but Arteta is quickly proving himself to be a top-level manager. From discipline, to tactics, to studying his opponents, he seems to have to it all! He also has the ability to identify his own team’s weaknesses, and really motivate his players. Against the top teams, and in the high-pressured games, he’s delivered, and consistently. If this is what he’s capable of with a poor team, whose confidence was at rock bottom, just imagine what he can do with better players, and more time. Arteta may still be very inexperienced, but he now knows how to win trophies. I feel Arsenal has a manager capable of winning the league.


Although the squad still needs some work, it’s improving all the time. I feel the defense has hugely improved with the likes of Gabriel, and Saliba coming in. It was our weakest area, but will be a lot stronger now. Arsenal also have the best striker in the league in my opinion, and although I am still not a fan of Auba out on the left, it has been working really well. The squad has balance, a determination about them, a lovely blend of youth and experience, and they’re really onboard with what Arteta wants.

Reasons why Arsenal could be title contenders
Reasons why Arsenal could be title contenders


I really feel that Arteta has brought the fanbase together. Winning trophies will obviously do that, but I think the majority of us are enjoying watching Arsenal again, and we love how Arteta conducts himself. He has a strong, assured personality. Unfortunately, because of the governments utterly conflicting Covid-19 rules in place, the fans may not be able to contribute much this season. It’s a shame, because there’s nothing better than a united fanbase roaring their team on. Players were probably happy to have a break from the fans, given how toxic it’s been for years, but I think they would benefit even more with our positive presence back.


Arsenal is beating the best teams in England, and outperforming them. Back-to-back trophies is a massive confidence boost. If they continue to evolve, and improve, then surely, it’s only logical that we’ll be closer to winning the league?


This is the major reason as to why Arsenal won’t challenge in the league. Many teams seem to struggle to juggle the Europa League and the league. I would love to see Arsenal win it, but an early exit would be a massive boost for our chances in the league.

In my opinion, a good finish to the transfer window, and they’re in a great position. I still feel they’ll more likely be in a battle for 4th, up against the likes of Spurs, Wolves, Everton, and Man Utd, but could I also see the gunners achieve the unthinkable…yes!

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