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NUP reveals why Ssebagala abandoned Mayorship seat

NUP reveals why Ssebagala abandoned Mayorship seat: NUP reveals why Ssebagala abandoned Mayorship seat:

The National Unity Platform NUP has finally came out on the Kawempe MP Latif Ssebagala’s decision of abandoning the Kampala Mayoral race. Ssebagala merged a winner of the NUP card on the Kampala Lord Mayor race, he was on the race with the singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon for NUP card on the Mayorship.

“I have taken this decision to withdraw from the Mayoral race of Kampala for the best interest of the opposition. And also given the fact that we have very many conflicting interests within us as NUP. Even members of NUP supporting different candidates of course this may cost us to lose the city,” Ssebagala tells the press on Tuesday.

But appearing on a local TV show NUP’s spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi on Tuesday says the party respects Ssebagala’s decision. He says that the vetting process was very successful. As the party we assessed both Chameleon and Ssebagala on the ground and in return Latif was the winner.

However, on the matter of Ssebagala we are still talking about it and and we are to tell the public what’s next. Ssenyonyi trashes claims that NUP made an agreement with FDC on the Lord Mayor seat.

It’s true we are discussing other issues not that we have an agreement on that. But as the party there are duties to handle for example bringing candidates and others. As the party constitution states which is in line with the national law.

NUP reveals why Ssebagala abandoned Mayorship seat
NUP reveals why Ssebagala abandoned Mayorship seat
Ssebagala abandoned Mayorship seat

Surprisingly, the Kampala central MP Muhammad Nsereko applauded the Kawempe MP Latif Ssebagala for this move. Thank you Ssebagala for listening to our advise, now your my candidate in East African Legislative Assembly(EALA).

We belong in different political shades but we work for the progress of our country, he says.

Following, Nambooze‘s lashing out at Ssebagala and Bobi’s brother Nyanzi whom she said are not credible enough to appeal to her political instincts. Ssebagala decided to throw the towel for the fovourable ones in the race.

Nambooze says she can’t support Ssebagala and live Lukwago who has been in struggle with her. We have been struggling with my brother Erias Lukwago so I can’t betray him. Am sorry to my NUP members I will not campaign for Latif, She says.

In the same way she vows not to support Bobi’s brother Nyanzi on the Kampala central MP. She notes that Nsereko is my real brother who can’t support my opponent in Mukono so I will not do the opposite. I stand for Nsereko over Nyanzi on that post.

She however advises Latif and Nyanzi to contest on other vacant positions not those two.

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