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Mwongede Akalulu: Bebe Cool’s official campaign song for president Museveni

Mwongede Akalulu: Bebe Cool’s official campaign song for president Museveni: Mwongede Akalulu: Bebe Cool’s official campaign song for president Museveni:

As the country gets closer to 2021 scientific general election hot waves every one is pressing high to see way through. Uganda’s Big size and Gagamel boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has released a new song ”Mwongede Akalulu”. As he does it always this is the official campaigning song for H.E. YK Museveni.

According to Bebe cool president Museveni is a blessing to Uganda and thus all Ugandans should entrust him with power. In addition the Mwongede Akalulu singer says Museveni is a God fearing leader who also cares about his people.

Bebe cool’s campaign song
Bebe cool's campaign song
Bebe cool’s campaign song, Mwongede Akalulu

Surprisingly, Big size notes leadership is God given! And every leader requires a minimum level of knowledge about the people he/she leads.

First of all he/she must be able to address their issues without fear or favor. Secondly, a good leader must fear God. Thirdly, he/she must be patient. Also a good leader must be knowledgeable.

So, president Museveni has been on test and with the available options of individuals wanting to lead this country! I confidently can tell that he is still the better option.

Watch Bebe cool’s campaign song, Mwongede Akalulu official video

However, many have came out to show how good they are; But president Museveni remains the best in this game. So let us Tumwongele Akalulu 2021 Gagamel boss says.

Basing on his achievements in the 35 years and considering the history of our country, he is the best. For example our security, economy, infrastructure and others we are steadily progressing.

Surprisingly, Bebe Cool admits as a country has issues of corruption and a fairly poor health sector. However, as always said, priority has been the construction of roads, dams for electricity! And more so consolidation of security.

In brief, these are some of the reasons to vote him back into the office come 2021. So Ugandans Twebelelemu: I Bebe Cool Mwongede Akalulu.

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