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Minister drags NRM to court, find out why

Minister Molly Kamukama has dragged NRM party to court over party primaries. She says that they should first look into her issue before proceeding with endorsing candidates.

The state minister for economic monitoring Molly Kamukama has dragged NRM party to court. Kamukama rushed to court to stop the nomination and endorsement of Jenipher Muheesi Abaho! for Kazo women MP in the coming elections on the NRM card.

However, last month the NRM EC announced Abaho as the winner of the party primaries for Kazo women MP. Abaho after garnering 16802 votes against Kamukama’s 16715 was automatically given party flag.

Surprisingly, in her application to the Civil division of the high court in Mbarara! Kamukama challenges Abaho’s election. She wants court to stop her nomination until the main case is disposed of.

“An order of temporary injunction restraining the first(NRM) and third(NRM electoral commission) respondents; their agents, servants and employees from nominating and endorsing the fourth respondent to the Electoral Commission! as the validly elected NRM flag bearer for woman MP Kazo district constituency before the disposal of the application,” the court documents says.

Molly Kamukama and NRM face off
Minister Molly Kamukama
Minister drags NRM to court, find out why

However, the minister also wants court to issue an order stopping NRM EC not to proceed with the exercise. They should first wait to nominate and endorsing any other person! Not until the case is disposed of, Molly urges the court.

But in the suit, the NRM party, it’s EC, election disputes tribunal! and Jenipher Muheesi Abaho are on list as respondents.

Following the party primaries, NRM took almost a week before announcing the winners in some places. The elections were marred with several incidents of violence and other forms of chaos. While in other places elections were suspended.

Sources say, Kamukama was not in position with the out come of the polls. This came after announcing Abaho as the winner of the race in Kazo women MP. Earlier she came out to claim being a winner of the Kazo women MP.

Before the NRM electoral commission announced her nemesis, Jenipher Muheesi Abaho as the winner; “Numbers don’t lie. The Declaration Forms in my possession put us in a comfortable lead! and we are only awaiting official communication from the electoral commission. Thank you all for the kind support,” Kamukama notes.

“Despite an attack on the tally center by one of my opponents and hired goons! I wish to inform all my supporters that we are doing well. I am firmly in the lead to win the NRM flag bearer position for Kazo Women MP. And I urge you keep calm and await official communication.”

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