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The hidden agenda behind Uganda building a road in Congo

Uganda to build a road in Congo that will need 20% of the contracted money. It will be for many use as the minister states in his interview.

The minister for works and transport, Gen. Katumba Wamala has come out to clarify the reasons why Uganda is building a road in Congo.

However, many Ugandans are questioning themselves, why Uganda is focusing in Congo before settling it’s home roads. But Gen. Katumba Wamala has got their answers right.

While speaking to media, Gen. Katumba pointed out the issues that forced Uganda to build a road in Congo. First of all Uganda and Congo are neighboring countries which needs them to have good roads connecting. This will help the business sector to increase especially in Uganda.

For example in 2018 Uganda got $532 million from selling products to Congo. And last year trade between the two countries was $513 million. But with good roads it’s likely to double, Gen. Katumba notes.

Uganda building a road in Congo
Uganda building a road in Congo
The hidden agenda behind Uganda building a road in Congo

Secondly, increasing on security more especially in the Eastern Congo! the most dangerous part of Congo neighboring our country. So with easy transport our forces and that of Congo will find it easy to monitor security.

Eastern Congo is a mountainous area neighboring Western parts of Ug. The biggest part of it is covered by forests which act as hide outs for rebels. Hence making it difficult for security to progress.

Thirdly, due to our industry growth, Uganda needs such in our neighboring countries. As the country we need market and Congo is one of the biggest market for our products. So we highly need this project on.

Lastly, as Africa and more especially East Africa we should not wait for donors. We can also help our selves as Africans and make our own. In Europe roads connect from one country to another, then why not in Africa, Gen. Katumba says in an interview.

Museveni and DRC President Felix Tshisekedi in the meeting

Recently, president Museveni held talks with DRC President Felix Tshisekedi. The meeting at state house Entebbe saw the two discuss on trade, security and bilateral relations.

During the meeting, Uganda and DRC reached an agreement to work on key roads networks connecting the two countries. This was all about mainly to ease business sector.

This comes amid a standoff with Rwanda, once a major export destination for grains and other produce. It should be noted that Rwanda closed it’s borders to the pearl of Africa in Feb. 2019.

Museveni and Tshisekedi agreed to jointly build 1,200 kilometers of roads from western parts of the country to the three eastern Congo cities, Goma, Bunia and Beni.

Uganda will contribute 20% of the project value while the rest will be met by Congo’s government. The projected amount is 246BN Ug Shillings! and last week the cabinet approved the move by the Uganda government to help finance the project.

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