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John Blaq’s Ex-Vanessa joins music, comes with ‘Tolabisa’ search it now

John Blaq’s Vanessa releases ‘Tolabisa’ song, Which is probably about her misunderstanding with John Blaq.

They always say artistes have one way of expressing themselves and that is through singing. In his ‘Do Dat’ jam, there’s a line in which John Blaq mentions Vanessa and how he could not stay with out her.

Well, that may be a actual tale. Vanessa exists in actual lifestyles and from what we have on! she has joined the track industry. What you could not recognise is that John Blaq were courting Vanessa for some time until she let him go after alleging that he was dishonest.

She also states, no way to forgive him for that! an aspect some people involved may have contributed to John Blaq’s career limping.

From what we have on paper, Vanessa hit studio and is working on a tune titled ‘Tolabisa’; Which is probably about her revel in with John Blaq. The music can be coming out soon and her alias might be Vanessa Vanny.

Watch the Tolabisa video HD here
Who is John Blaq as Vanessa releases ‘Tolabisa’ song

John Blaq is a Ugandan hip hop and afrobeat artist. He was born in 1996 in Jinja Uganda.

He grew up together with his aunt in a Kampala suburb ‘bweyogerere’. His passion for song started inside the early 2000s when he was still in School. He regularly participated in a load of hip hop battles and by no means loosing any of them! this inspired him and his buddies to pursue song similarly.

Vanessa releases ‘Tolabisa’ song

During his childhood years John Blaq experienced a lot of things many people in general couldn’t even imagine when he was still staying with his aunt. And none of them deterred him from going after his dreams and they are always used as a source of inspiration in his music career.

He recorded his first tune More Fire at pals by way of a pinnacle producer Andy Music; he has love and a dream to change the arena of music and the humans around him through his tunes.

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