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SHOCK: As police recovers things from NUP offices that will put Bobi Wine in trouble

Security states Why Police raided NUP offices and shockingly what they found at NUP head offices in Kamwokya on Wednesday

Security officers on Wednesday attacked the National Unity Platform (NUP) workplaces! with the point of recouping assigned authority military wear which the gathering has been utilizing as an image.

Uganda Police Force Spokesperson Fred Enanga affirms the assault was pointing toward; “focusing on all areas which are unlawfully producing, providing, disseminating, selling and utilizing outfits! and accessories whose proprietorship and licensed plans was gazetted and a selective safeguard of the military.”

At Kanjokya road, security recuperated a few berets, National Resistance Movement T-shirts among different things. The assault was like wise stretching out to various places of Kampala. Where police captured a few people; who were either selling or partaking in the sewing and marking of the T-shirts and covers.

However, NUP pioneer, Robert Kyagulanyi affirms the strike taking note of that; “the military, police and other security organizations laid attack on the NUP workplaces in Kamwokya. A few of our staff have been captured or harmed. They are breaking into the various workplaces, taking all reports and different assets.”

Why Police raided NUP offices and what they found
Why Police raided NUP offices

He would later additionally say that a large portion of the gathering structures with marks for designations had been removed. “They have likewise taken sh23m shillings, some portion of which was for our parliamentary up-and-comers as assignment charges. They have additionally taken so a considerable lot of our marking materials including; banners, flags, berets, shirts, pens, scratch pad, among others. Our CCTV cameras have been vandalized and taken,” Kyagulanyi notes.

Kyagulanyi also expresses that so many of their allies who were selling NUP materials in Kampala had been captured.

But Police couldn’t state the number of gathering individuals had been captured and what was recuperated.

The attack was additionally stretched out to various pieces of Kampala where police captured a few people.

In September this year, the Army assigned the red beret and tunic as authentic military dress! cautioned whoever would be discovered wearing them a spot in prison.

Not withstanding, the resistance NUP kept trying the state by printing and offering the red beret to its individuals.

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