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Why Balaam blocked Catherine Kusasira from meeting President Museveni, get the whole story here

As every one is now crying of empty promises from the president here is details why Balaam blocked Kusasira from meeting the president

The presidential advisor on Kampala affairs Catherine Kusasira has come out to face off with Balaam. Kusasira accuses events promoter also NRM die harder Balaam Barugahara of blocking her from meeting Museveni. Catherine is not the only one crying out, however Balaam has done much to stop a number of people from meeting Jaja.

While facing the cameras of local based TV station, Kusasira criticizes Balaam for being selfish and self – glorifying.

Balaam is the problem to see Museveni

Surprisingly, Catherine claims that Balaam has been doing this to her for some good time. She adds that Balaam’s behavior has been consistent with other people including Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool.

“Balaam does not want anyone to talk to the president, he does not want people to be better like him. It is shocking that such a wealthy man behaves in a such horrific way. Balaam has also blocked Bebe Cool, that is why you see him (Bebe Cool) quiet,” she says.

But according to Kusasira, the matter of meeting the president has been monopolized by Balaam! who continues to badmouth everyone to the president.

“Balaam wispers to Museveni that the money he gives Bebe Cool is uses it to buy Zuena (Bebe’s wife) teddy bears, and clothes instead of mobilizing youth. You should ask Bebe Cool, he knows the truth, that is why he kept quiet,” she continues.

Additionally, She accuses Balaam of cheating people by deducting on pledges from President Museveni.

“I am very sure Bad Black did not get the money promised to her. People like Ashburg Kato are still demanding and Balaam has a hand in it. I am not sure I have met a person with such a bad heart as Balaam’s” she notes.

Kusasira stresses that at one time when they met the president, she suggest that the fountain of honor comes to the rescue of artists; Michael Mugwanya alias King Michael and Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye, but Balaam interfered by volunteering to use his money and seek a refund later.

Conflicts in NRM party, here is why Balaam blocked Kusasira
Balaam blocked Kusasira from meeting the president
Michael, Bebe and Catherine

“Balaam told the president that he would use his own money and get payments later. How did he know what amount the president had prepared for each of them? How sure are we that what he was going to give them is what he would ask for in refund?” she notes.

“Even then, he (Balaam) did not give them anything,” she adds.

Kusasira claims that Balaam has a habit of embarrassing important people including ministers, by gossiping about them to other parties.
“he picks a phone call and puts a minister on the loudspeaker; then you hear the minister asking for some money and he later starts talking ill about them. That is a terrible habit and not human at all,” Catherine notes.

“He gave me Shs90m for my concert, and I paying him back, he went around saying I survived! otherwise he was going to confiscate my car, such a bad person!”

However, She notes delight that Balaam knows the pain as well. “I am so angry with Balaam and I am happy he has been blocked as well.”

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