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The truth about Pastor Yiga’s death, find out

The Kawaala based Revival Church Pastor Augustine Yiga also commonly known as Abizayo sources reveal is dead. We note that Yiga passed on this morning at Nsambya hospital were he had been hospitalized early this month with liver complications.

However, News reaching our desk confirm that the controversial Yiga Augustine Abizayo is terribly sick and alive! and currently is at Nsambya hospital battling with sickness. According to sources the peoples’ pastor is suffering from a very deadly Liver disease,” the story read in part.

Following his death, through the ABS TV Facebook page, confirms that Pastor Yiga is still alive and kicking.

“Pastor Yiga is not dead! Yiga Augustine Abizayo is alive, he is not yet dead. We take this opportunity to warn whoever is spreading the news, do it at your risk. God is good,” says an official from ABS TV.

Is Pastor Yiga Abizaayo dead, watch the truth – pastor’s death

However, it’s like that some people say the pastor could be dead saying that this is just a stunt.

His simple life
Is Pastor Yiga Abizaayo dead, watch the truth - pastor's death
Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizaayo

Surprisingly, the controversial pastor early this year briefly had to be behind bars for questioning the existence of Covid-19. On a TV interview Yiga saying, there were no Covid-19 cases in Uganda! as had been in reports by the Ministry of Health.

But the nation can’t forget his controversy and comic summons which earned him the name Abizaayo. Additionally, he is mostly known for his programme in church ”Kyoli ffa tewelabidde”. That most like to watch due to its comic scenes.

However, Pastor Yiga Augustine Abizayo is the proprietor of ABS TV. He has been in pull outs with other pastors in Kampala calling him fake pastor. But Yiga has not let the words kick him out of the race.

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