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Bobi Wine ft Buju Banton Ballot or Bullet song leaves many confused

Bobi Wine ft Buju Banton Ballot or Bullet song has left many with questions as the nation glances at 2021 elections.

Uganda’s official cheerful and individual from parliament for Kyadondo East Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu! aka Bobi Wine has teamed up with Jamaica’s best artist Buju Banton on a reggae tune called Ballot or Bullet.

However, this tune comes at the time after Robert Kyagulanyi just won the National Unity Platform Case with Kibalama. And more impressing it’s just days to his nomination come one month from now.

However, as the 2021 general races move around the bend! numerous candidates are doing everything they can to contact their elector.

But the decisions being logical after the episode of COVID-19 in Uganda; many are utilizing music as a mode to effectively connect with their electors.

Well, many of Bobbi Wine’s fanatics have lashed hard at Bobi Wine for delivering the  bullet or ballot hit melody..

“… and if takes an upheaval, opportunity should come. By the voting form or the shot, let they will be done,” Bobi Wine posts.

Bullet or ballot Song mp3 download video and audio by Bobi Wine ft Buju Banton [Courtesy] , brings tension.
People’s reaction about bullet or ballot Song.

Firstly, “Bobi I regard you, however some of the time you don’t reason! Now you are talking about an insurgency; when your family will be sheltered under weighty security and you what to butcher us. Chief if there is harmony we should have it because you too you have wealthy! in same government,” Mangeni Lukas reacts.

However, one notes “Great tune, you still gat the vibe. I just can hardly wait to see you in State house just as recording your music Mr. President. In certainty our first melody subsequent to going into State house! and will be highlighted by the active president this purported Bosco,” Eric Wa Bobi notes.

Lastly, another says “You are only a child who doesn’t have a clue what war implies; you don’t have the foggiest idea about the sound of a weapon yet so shut your mouth! in the event that you love this nation; at that point you will begin talking harmony not war,” PO Gule says.

But the song means a lot the country as it’s heading to 2021 elections! it’s now Bobi is ready get the sit either by ballot or bullet. political analyst

Who is Buju Banton
Bullet or ballot Song mp3 download Audio and Video
Buju Banton and Bobi Wine

Mark Anthony Myrie professionally known by his stage name Buju Banton, is a Jamaican reggae dancehall recording artist. They consider him as one of the most significant and well-regarded artists in Jamaican music. He was born 15 July 1973 in Jamaica.

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