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Angella Katatumba shade tears in her Emotional HD Video after Daddy Andre get salt in Nina Roz

Tonelabila is now the opposite as Emotional Angella Katatumba releases emotional audio and video; showing her heart feelings.

Artist Angella Katatumba has delivered another his outrage named passionate to support herself.

Uganda’s songstress Angella Katatumba has conceal tears Live on camera! after her Ex-sweetheart Producer Daddy Andre succumbed to another wonderful soul Singer Nina Roz. These two (Angella Katatumba and Daddy Andre) had a transient relationship, in any case, this finished in tears.

This was on the grounds that Angella claim HIV/AIDS results from maker Daddy Andre a choice which he didn’t consent to.

Hence the passionate artist chose to dump Andre; guaranteeing she can’t be involved with somebody she is not certain about their HIV status. Meanwhile, they worked together on a hit banger named “Tonelabila” signifying “remember me” in the English language.

Angella Katatumba’s Emotional Audio and Video watch it here and free mp3 download

The passionate artist has from then separated herself from bits of gossip about her dating Uganda’s best music maker. But, half a month back, the web was down with reports of Nina Roz being bonked by Daddy Andre. And actually she was apparently three months pregnant with Daddy Andre’s infant.

Katatumba cries out for Daddy Andre
Emotional Angella Katatumba releases emotional audio and video
Katatumba cries out for Daddy Andre

However, while showing up in one of the TV interviews; Nina Rose had to prevent charges from getting her dating Andre asserting that she can’t disclose her private life. Furthermore, she likewise deny the pregnancy bits of gossip and notes that Andre is only probably the closest companion.

“Daddy Andre is my fine companion. He has quite recently helped me discharge my new melody named “Board Kipande”. He composed it and even delivered it. I need to trash all reports guaranteeing that I am pregnant! in light of the fact that I don’t disclose my private life. ” Nina Roz says.

Likewise, Katatumba conceal tears yet nobody was there to get to her salvage. However, all things being equal, fans hit back and criticizes her for solidifying Andre’s life. Therefore they encouraged her to swallow, pick a couple of exercises, and proceed onward with life.

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