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Late registration – UNEB warns Head teachers on registering Candidates

The 2020 year continues to be full of tears as UNEB registration of candidates is on door step. Parents, students and schools are getting sleepless nights thinking of registration besides the lockdown.

Now the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB)! says that there is no more space for late registration for candidates. However, the Board is asking all schools to make sure that they handle registration of all candidates during this period.

“The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) informs head teachers of schools! that the registration of candidates will end on November 30, 2020;” the UNEB executive secretary Dan Odongo states today.

But Odongo also appeals to the Head teachers that they should allow pregnant candidates to register for examination. He adds that this is the only way of giving them an opportunity to continue with their education.

“The centres are further informed that the portals are open; and UNEB has given out the required software for the registration process,” he notes.

And Schools should keep on uploading the bio-data of the registered candidates. As soon as they get it and not to wait for last minute submissions.

Odongo continues that the government is to pay the registration fees of all the candidates in the government aided schools.

UNEB registration of candidates 2020 – 2021
UNEB registration of candidates 2020 - 2021
UNEB registration of candidates 2020 – 2021

The UNEB boss notes that head teachers in government aided schools to quickly upload the registration data of the learners! since they do not have to make any payments.

He further states that the registration fees for the other candidates is still the same. Adding that any additional fees on should clearly be explained to the parents, and not referred to as UNEB registration fees.

“We appeal to managers of examination centres to be mindful this time! of the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected parents financially. And as such, they must not face unfair charges,” he says.

Lastly he cautioned against the fraudulent practice of registering learners from private schools in government schools as UPE candidates.

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