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Shocking reasons why Police blocked Bobi Wine’s campaign meeting in Kitgum

The National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine Campaign in the northern Uganda! forces the police to open up tear gas after stopping him.

As the campaigns for presidents continue to be hot for candidates! Uganda police also gets it hard to control the crowd in the line with Covid – 19 guidelines. More so some Independent candidates find it more difficult to reach every part of the country.

However, Police in Kitgum notes that it blocked the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate; Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from campaigning in the district because of the indiscipline of his team and supporters.

Surprisingly, Yesterday the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner (RDC); William Komakech doubles as the head of security in the district became a block to Kyagulanyi! stopping him from campaigning in the area.

Bobi Wine Campaign for Presidency 2021 -2026 in Northern Uganda
Bobi Wine Campaign for Presidency 2021 -2026
Presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi campaigning.

But according to the Electoral Commission (EC) programme; Kyagulanyi was to start his campaigns on Wednesday from Kitgum. However, this was not possible as the area RDC and police thwarted his team.

“Before all this, we had sat in the district executive committee; where the venues we had agreed upon were vetted. But these people want a particular venue which was a private place,” Tommy Eyaku, the DPC of Kitgum says.

Additionally, Eyaku notes that he tried to engage NUP leaders on this matter to come to a common understanding. But he was unsuccessful, and this saw the genesis of tears and bullets to disperse the crowd.

Bobi Wine Campaign for Presidency 2021 -2026

“So we had a stand off because NUP coordinator did not agree the venue we had agreed upon,” Eyaku continues.

Surprisingly, according to the DPC, the same ground they agreed upon! was the place that was first requested by the NUP leaders that prompted the honoring of the request.

“After a long stand off! they completely defied and refused to heed to my advice as the leader in the operation. For that purpose of not wanting confrontation; we let them hoping that they will come to the place we agreed upon but they refused,” he notes.

“Instead opted to knock people and some of the people were falling off from their own vehicles; because of recklessness so when they entered the business centre we took an action. For that we were protecting people’s property,” he adds.

He says NUP leaders exhibited a lot of hooliganism that could not be growing before us.

Bobi Wine claims that authorities in Kitgum first told him that; his programme in the district was clashing with that of another presidential candidate. Not until they consulted the Electoral Commission who later cleared them.

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