Bobi Wine don’t vote for him is promoting war and violence in Uganda – tycoon SK Mbuga

The Uganda famous businessman Sulaiman Kabalangala aka SK Mbuga! is finding it hard to control the supporters of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters; after condemning their leader Bobi Wine for allegedly promoting war and violence in Uganda.

Surprisingly, SK Mbuga on Wednesday stormed the media after sharing a video of Bobi Wine warning President Yoweri Museveni. The video notes that if he doesn’t relinquish power; he will end up like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Robert Mugabe. And these were the former presidents of Iraq, Libya and Zimbabwe respectively.

“I can guarantee to you, like it happened to Saddam, Gaddafi, Mugabe, it will happen here in Uganda,” Bobi Wine says in the video that was shared by Mbuga.

But the businessman in the names of SK. Mbuga didn’t stop at only sharing the video; he also captioned it, “Day dreaming, this can’t happen to my peaceful country NO NO NO NO! who is promoting war & violence in the country?”

SK Mbuga warns Bobi Wine ahead of 2021 general election
SK Mbuga warns Bobi Wine as the race for the presidents stretches

Following his action, Bobi Wine supporters have since verbally attacked SK Mbuga calling him all sort of names.

First of all, the rich man is out of touch with reality. This whole write up is full of fallacies. For example, Bobi hasn’t been in Parliament for 5 years. Cross-check the facts and make a new and sensible write up, Ssekabira Rogers says.

Secondly, a robber comparing himself to a hustler using his talent…. he is building a hospital which is a good start and soon be unveiled! this man has done everything and that’s why favour is with him, Kyeyune Floryn Florence on facebook.

However, others sidelined with the tycoon on the matter;

Men and women calm down we are all aware that Bobi wine will never be a president of our beautiful Uganda. Since he’s insisting on violence and his mind is to kill our hero MUZEEI MUSEVENI like Gaddafi. And if you’re not happy please go out of Uganda and get (obutuuze) in Netherlands. Where your free to take your marijuana please ffe Uganda etunyumira Sevo after Sevo,  Mutesasira Isaac says.

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