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Pastor Mondo in trouble after allegedly Coning Ugandans

The most popular Pastor, Mondo Mugisha and Pastor Siraje Ssemanda are in trouble! after being accused of collecting money from followers under the pretext of organizing trips for them to South Africa and Israel.

However, the trips organized under the umbrella ‘Hands Across the World Initiative Uganda’! were to take place in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

But according to sources, they note that over 160 followers from different churches cashed in millions of money; in the line of sponsoring the trips. Surprisingly, since then, the trips have not materialized.

And according to Apostle Edward Masaba of Tororo; who is one of the petitioners, 20 people paid Shs 910,000! 15 people paid Shs 950,000 and 15 paid Shs 1 million each.

Pastor Mondo and Catherine Kusasira Accused of Fraud as Con-Men
Pastor Mondo and Catherine Kusasira  Accused of Fraud as Con-Men

However, when in a meeting, the representatives of the pastors and school heads notes to Col Edith Nakalema! the head of the State House Anti-Corruption unit; that the two pastors in question have been lining up state agents under the disguise of connecting them to meet President Museveni! to woo for him voters in the forthcoming 2021 general election. Which they have been also waiting but also in vein.

Surprisingly, the petitioners also mention with a lot of pain; that over 600 pastors have lost billions of shillings under this scheme.

“They told us that we were to meet Lucy Nakyobe but she also didn’t show up. We saw Catherine Kusasira and we gained momentum. We were 3000 pastors,” Steven Naaya of Host Centre Ministry says.

Additionally, Priscilla Susan Ijoku of Shalom Nursery and Primary School in Soroti! notes that she has been a supporter of President Museveni and always campaigning for him even without meeting him; but she was master minded by the two pastors into paying to meet the president.

But Nakalema promised to follow this petition to its end and assured them to investigate the matter.

“I want to promise you that the purported pastors we are to arrest them. We will not fear whether they are guarded by which officers,” Nakalema assuring the petitioners.

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