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I am not HIV positive – Caroline Marcah

I am not HIV positive – Caroline Marcah: I am not HIV positive – Caroline Marcah:

News has been going around that Bukedde TV presenter Caroline could have been HIV positive. But in a recent revelation by Marcah herself, it is now known that she is not.

Having got so close to MC Kats who publically stated his HIV status some time back. Many think that Caroline is now sick with the deadly disease.

Caroline Marcah shows her HIV status results

But for long, Caroline has been carefree whenever people talk about this. This has been surprising many people though.

Caroline Marcah

Some of her fans would even ask why did she go to MC Kats if she knew he is sick. Maybe she was HIV positive herself, another fan wondered.

Yesterday she showed the HIV status results she had from the hospital. Surprisingly, she was HIV-negative.

But according to Caroline, this is not the first time for her to be with HIV-positive people. Through her Facebook page, Marcah said, some have even died while others are still there. So this is not new to her.

Surprisingly, MC Kats has not come out to say anything in regard to this. He is not saying anything.

MC Kats

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago, Caroline came out and expressed her feelings towards Kats. This worried many of her fans. But it seems now she has come out to calm them down.

But experts say, it does not mean that being with someone HIV positive will lead you to get sick as well. No, that is not the case. For as long as one knows what to do, the two can leave together even for a long time.

That is why they say always first know your person’s status. This will help you on how to leave together with or without the disease.

But some people don’t care, they just go and they find out when it is too late.

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