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Ashburg Katto: I officially denounce Museveni Government

Ashburg Katto: I officially denounce Museveni Government: Ashburg Katto: I officially denounce Museveni Government:

Blogger Ashburg Katto officially denounces President Museveni’s government. Ashburg Kato says he has much love for this government and he supports it. But some people in the government he loves are not good.

On Monday Kato on his way to UBC TV where he had a show, police beat him up. But on his way to UBC TV, he got a missundersting with the police and they beat him up.

Ashburg Kato

Surprisingly even being an NRM chief blogger, they just beat him up. So it is after this that he announces that he is denouncing this government. But he maintains his support for President Museveni.

What Ashburg Kato Says

Through his social media account, Kato says that they badly assaulted, embarrassed, and manhandled him.

In his words he says;

“I have been assaulted, embarrassed, and manhandled by O.C of Post Office Police Post (Atwasa Gilbert). They even towed the car I had borrowed to take me to UBC TV“. “I even lost my teeth due to the physical assault from the police officers”.

“I wish I can die rather than being hurt by my very own….Thank u 🙏.Thank u, thank u. 🤦‍♂️. How will I even walk on the same streets with these gaps in my teeth God? How 😭😭? Friends, I’m in pain. As in real pain but the doctors at Senta Medical are trying.”

After this Kato says he will still vote for President Museveni and will always love his country. But as for the government, he denounces them.

Kato’s wish

For Kato, it is a shame that the police are beating people like him. It should be remembered even Sipapa another Museveni man got into the police books for wrongdoing. But for him thought that they should not arrest him because he supports President Museveni.

In fact this is a wrong perception from these people. Whether you did what or support who, you have to abide by the law.

This leaves many Bobi Wine supporters in joy. But others are wondering why the big man does not come out and defend his people like Kato.

Surprisingly, Ashburg Kato was a Bobi wine die-hard but fellow in things by crossing to NRM. But now he curses the colours he chose to put on.

Kato says he wish he can die, he is suffering a lot. This shows that where he went things are not as he expected.

We shall keep you posted on this.

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