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UCE 2020 Results are out

UCE 2020 Results are out: UCE 2020 Results are out

Today the Ministry of Education and Sports has released results for UCE 2020. Hon Janat Kataaha Museveni witnessed the release for 330,592 candidates at Nakasero State House.

Surprisingly, the number of students this time is small because of COVID-19.


Heads of UCE examination Centres can download the results from their portals to see the results.

UNEB Executive Secretary Dan N. Odongo says the 2020 UCE candidates are few in comparison to 2019. The number for females candidates is 166,744 (50.01%) and that of males is 166,652 (49.99%). So this time the girls are more than the boys.

The general performance

Odongo says the general performance for this year is better than 2019. But the girls performance is even better than that for boys in English. However, overall the boys performance in other subjects is better.

To Odongo, 94% candidates of 2020 passed and this is a better performance than 91% of 2019.  Despite the heavy investments in sciences there is no improvement in those subjects.

According to Hon Janat Museveni, they are recruiting more science teachers and even increase their salaries. But the performance in science subjects is still poor. Some students complain that laboratory equipment and resources are lying idle in some government schools.

Hon Janat Museveni says the new permanent secretary should study the problem and report possible solutions. Will this yield the solutions the education sector needs, let us wait and see.

However, private schools seems not to face the same problems because there are no such complaints.

We shall give you the schools according to the best in the coming days. http://PLE 2020: Best 100 Schools in Uganda

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